Say Yes to a Healthier Life

Today, I want to share something personal yet universal that Mariëtte and I have recently embarked on. It’s about the journey to a healthier and happier life—a journey that is entirely doable, smart, and effective.

One of the biggest lies we can easily fall into is the belief that life is what it is and that we are stuck with it. Many of us know deep down that this isn’t true, yet we often find ourselves stuck in certain areas, be it relationships, business, or lifestyle. We end up repeating the same thoughts, habits, and actions without ever evaluating the results or considering our choices. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Mariëtte and I decided to take a step back and revisit our lifestyle, focusing first on our physical health. We sought professional advice and got ourselves examined, including blood tests. Now, we are on a journey towards better health. But wow, figuring out what to do can be so overwhelming. There are countless diets, books, YouTube videos, articles, and well-meaning advice from friends and family.

After sifting through the information, we decided for now we will not to be too radical or drastic, but rather sensible. We found some of the best insights that made sense to us and that we’d like to share with you what’s generic. Evaluate the information below and assess how you are doing; then make a few decisions:

Kindness to Yourself

Be kind and graceful to yourself. This journey is not about perfection but progression. Discipline is important, but it’s equally important to give yourself lots of grace and love. Remember, it’s okay to make mistakes along the way.

Mindset Matters

The process starts from within. Approach this journey with a positive mindset. Don’t see it as a punishment; instead, view it as a loving way to take care of yourself for a healthier and happier tomorrow.

Be Realistic

Change what you can, like exercising and eating healthy, but also gracefully accept what you cannot change, such as your age, grey hair, family history, past mistakes, and personal history. Embrace these aspects of yourself with kindness.

Seek Professional Help

There’s so much we don’t know, and that’s okay. Professionals can provide valuable insights through tests and personalized advice. Knowing your body’s specific needs can help you make better decisions about your health. Find a professional you can trust, then trust him/her.

Start with Detox

Especially for gut health, it might be beneficial to start with a detox. Eating healthily while your system is still out of balance, we heard, is like sowing good seeds on soil full of weeds. So, maybe first clear out the old to make way for the new?

Physical Exercise

Regular exercise is crucial. It helps you burn calories and keeps your body in good shape. Find a physical activity you enjoy and make it a part of your routine.

Less of the Bad Stuff

Most of us have to cut down on some of the following: sugars, carbs, processed foods, fast foods, pain meds, and alcohol. These can negatively impact your health in numerous ways.

More of the Good Stuff

Drink enough water. Also increase your intake of plant-based foods. They are not only nutritious but can also serve as a good source of protein. Try to reduce your consumption of animal-based foods, but don’t cut it out completely. We are omnivores.


Intentionally be mindful of what you eat. Be present when you eat to taste, smell, and even feel the food going down. Enjoy your meals and be grateful for the food on your plate. This not only improves your relationship with food but also enhances your overall well-being.

We’re all on this journey together, and it’s important to remember that small, consistent steps can lead to big changes. Life doesn’t have to be a series of repeated patterns and unfulfilled dreams. By taking conscious, mindful steps, we can transform our health and our lives.

Mariëtte and I have already noticed positive changes, and we’re excited about what lies ahead. We know our insights are limited and biased, but we hope that by sharing our journey, we can inspire you to figure out, start or continue your own path to a healthier, happier life. Remember, it’s not about being perfect; it’s about making progress and being kind to yourself along the way.

Let’s embrace change together and create a life that is not just lived, but truly enjoyed.

Stay healthy and happy!


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