Weather the Storm, see the Rainbow

You are so much stronger if you know how to weather the storms of life and navigate your ship through it. It’s a cliché, but on the other side a rainbow (or two) might be waiting for you.  And you can learn the skill, even when you feel you have been shipwrecked too many times.

As the saying goes: life is not plain sailing. Someone once said: “you are either in a storm, just through one, or about to go into one”. Health and financial issues, relationship pain, failure, price hikes, climatic challenges, floods and droughts, political unrest, corruption, accidents, and unfairness. That’s life (but only some of the time – the rest can be fun). So, let’s build muscle and grit! Continue reading Weather the Storm, see the Rainbow


5 Principles of Success

Listen to this story. Andrew started a few years ago as a farm worker, fresh out of school (passing grade 10). But something was different in him. And his team mates and leaders noticed that. His bright eyes, open face, energetic presence, and positive involvement. But there was more. He did not dress, walk and talk like a farm worker. He acted and communicated as a leader, although he did not have the position. Continue reading 5 Principles of Success