What you FOCUS on GROWS

I don’t know what your challenges and possibilities are right now, but I do know you can change your life radically by changing your focus. I have seen this happening over and over – in business, in personal lives, and in teams; in coaching as well as in strategic meetings. The reality is: What you FOCUS on GROWS. Focus is concentrated attention, and it can make all the difference. Continue reading What you FOCUS on GROWS


The magic of taking a step back

Imagine how much easier your life will be if you can change the atmosphere of some of your most challenging relationships? What will happen if tension, criticism and mistrust can change to collaboration, gratitude, trust, respect and creativity? I am sure you can feel the difference between a heavy and light atmosphere and the effect it has on you. Continue reading The magic of taking a step back


Make Stress your Friend

Why don’t we turn stress around and make it work for us, in stead of against us? The fact is, if you don’t manage stress, it manages you … and steals your joy.

“Stress is my fiend. It used to be my enemy, getting the better of me. But now it’s my helpful friend”. These were the triumphant words of a young man, who grew up in the rural Eastern Cape, but who now as a “General Foremen in training” on road building sites had to deal with a huge amount of responsibilities and complexities, far beyond his previous levels of coping abilities. It was one of those breakthrough moments I cannot forget. Continue reading Make Stress your Friend


‘Tasting’ life, unlocking abundance

A cycling friend and quite a successful professional, is similar to me, recovering from a recent operation. In our discussions we realised that to be in pain and discomfort is one thing, but staying positive, getting perspective, and dealing with the situation mentally is something on a next level. It seems to me that every bit of human hardship and suffering has a strong emotional and deep spiritual component to it, whatever your religious beliefs are. Continue reading ‘Tasting’ life, unlocking abundance


Surrender Certainty to gain Possibility

What do you do with the many things of life that are out of your control? My recent quadruple heart bypass operation made me a student of life again. It affected and still affects everything in my life. And in the process I realised I am missing out on so much. Life, business, family, have so much more to offer. There is so much untapped possibility waiting to be unlocked if I am only willing to see it and move with it. But the reality is, while I want control and certainty, the possibility of what can be evades me. Continue reading Surrender Certainty to gain Possibility