Make-over: making the New Year “new”!

Unfortunately many of us have transferred the anxieties, traumas, shame, and wounds of the old year into 2023. It’s natural. But that can paralyze you, eating away your hope and joy, putting you in survival mode with narrow vision and limited ability to dream, envision, enjoy and create. And eventually you live your life reactively and from the outside-in, hoping for good things to happen to you and trying to protect yourself against all the threats that are out there on the journey ahead. And then the New Year remains old… same old, same old… Continue reading Make-over: making the New Year “new”!


Freedom from Toxic Ownership

It is interesting how we are conditioned and programmed to use words and concepts that can cause us a lot of harm and pain. Some of that is just primitive human nature. One of the primitive words most toddlers learn to use quite early is “mine!”. To them their toys, sweets, clothes are extensions of themselves. When you touch that, you touch them.

Recently I was asked to work with a group of agents (crop solution specialists) in the agriculture sector. They are all from the Southern Cape where farmers, their clients, in some areas are now going through the third or fourth dry season. Some farmers have even committed suicide, others are very depressed, and most of them are struggling. My mandate was (1) to motivate these agents who struggle to stay positive while trying to give hope and courage to their clients, and (2) to give them “tools” to help themselves and their clients. Continue reading Freedom from Toxic Ownership


From Fragmentation to Integration

Have you also at times (even now) felt that your life is fragmented and that you struggle to find the so called “balance” between so many good things? Everything contends for your time, and some even try to convince you that they should be at the center stage. I mean, there can be your work or business, family, community, sport and recreation, friends, self-development and studies. Then school and church might also call for attention. And if you dare to put Facebook, Instagram, Emails and WhatsApp in the mix (because people connections matter), it feels like a wild storm from Monday to Monday. Even teenagers struggle nowadays, going to bed later and later. Continue reading From Fragmentation to Integration