Relating Freely, Loving Wisely

Relationships can really complicate one’s life, can’t they? I recently got an email from a dear friend of mine explaining how complex his relational life has become. That lead me to writing this newsletter, with a more generic focus. I am going to address three general challenges that, if not managed well, can keep you (and perhaps others) trapped in a toxic and unhappy environment. I write this, not in a dogmatic, I-know-it-all kind of way, but as a student of life, still learning while inviting you to reflect and learn with me. Continue reading Relating Freely, Loving Wisely


From Fragmentation to Integration

Have you also at times (even now) felt that your life is fragmented and that you struggle to find the so called “balance” between so many good things? Everything contends for your time, and some even try to convince you that they should be at the center stage. I mean, there can be your work or business, family, community, sport and recreation, friends, self-development and studies. Then school and church might also call for attention. And if you dare to put Facebook, Instagram, Emails and WhatsApp in the mix (because people connections matter), it feels like a wild storm from Monday to Monday. Even teenagers struggle nowadays, going to bed later and later. Continue reading From Fragmentation to Integration


Renewing your thought life

1. You are a unity of body, soul and spirit

Normally, when we react, we do so either emotionally, or based on habits we have acquired, or using untested thoughts. This leads to much pain, unhappiness and inappropriate behaviour. In order for you to learn how to function more happily, it is important first to understand more abut your human nature and how it functions.
Continue reading Renewing your thought life