Prototypes of Hope and Strength

The world is struggling. Just watch the news and you will have to work hard to stay positive. At the same time the struggling world needs people like you and I who can see and feel the struggles, pain and setbacks but then pause and choose to respond differently. I believe now is the time to have open minds and hearts to re-imagine, redesign and rebuild our future with intentionality determination. Now is a time for change. So, be different, become the change. Continue reading Prototypes of Hope and Strength


Weather the Storm, see the Rainbow

You are so much stronger if you know how to weather the storms of life and navigate your ship through it. It’s a cliché, but on the other side a rainbow (or two) might be waiting for you.  And you can learn the skill, even when you feel you have been shipwrecked too many times.

As the saying goes: life is not plain sailing. Someone once said: “you are either in a storm, just through one, or about to go into one”. Health and financial issues, relationship pain, failure, price hikes, climatic challenges, floods and droughts, political unrest, corruption, accidents, and unfairness. That’s life (but only some of the time – the rest can be fun). So, let’s build muscle and grit! Continue reading Weather the Storm, see the Rainbow


Growing a New Mind & Life

“From Breakdown to Breakthrough; From Setback to Comeback”. In the beginning of the year I wrote these words on a (physical) notepad that is permanently on my desk. Little did I know what setback will come my way so early in the year.

Last week I received the news that I urgently need open heart surgery for a triple or quadruple bypass. The procedure will mow be done this coming week. Continue reading Growing a New Mind & Life


Navigating Uncertainty

I recently sat in a planning session with a couple of leaders. We started by connecting and sharing about the mind space we are in. Instead of predominant excitement as you would normally expect at the beginning of a new year, we heard stories of real tragedies and challenges – hospitalisations of loved ones, death, and economical setbacks. There were also some hope-giving and inspiring testimonies, but they were few and far between. Our lives have changed radically, and so has our way of life. Continue reading Navigating Uncertainty


Celebrating life, Leaving a legacy

One day after New Year ’s Day 2020, I was at a very meaningful event, called a “Celebration”. It was the celebration of the life of Ian Walton, a client of mine after he lost his battle against cancer. Being a phenomenal human being, he was dearly loved by his family and friends and respected by many for his humility, caring personality, wisdom and knowledge. As the owner and CEO of a successful apple farm, he also lived a healthy life full of adventure, sport and many journeys. Until a few months ago his sickness and death would have been totally unexpected. Although saddened by our loss, we could also gratefully celebrate a full life well lived. Continue reading Celebrating life, Leaving a legacy