Growing a New Mind & Life

“From Breakdown to Breakthrough; From Setback to Comeback”. In the beginning of the year I wrote these words on a (physical) notepad that is permanently on my desk. Little did I know what setback will come my way so early in the year.

Last week I received the news that I urgently need open heart surgery for a triple or quadruple bypass. The procedure will mow be done this coming week. Continue reading Growing a New Mind & Life


Navigating Uncertainty

I recently sat in a planning session with a couple of leaders. We started by connecting and sharing about the mind space we are in. Instead of predominant excitement as you would normally expect at the beginning of a new year, we heard stories of real tragedies and challenges – hospitalisations of loved ones, death, and economical setbacks. There were also some hope-giving and inspiring testimonies, but they were few and far between. Our lives have changed radically, and so has our way of life. Continue reading Navigating Uncertainty


Celebrating life, Leaving a legacy

One day after New Year ’s Day 2020, I was at a very meaningful event, called a “Celebration”. It was the celebration of the life of Ian Walton, a client of mine after he lost his battle against cancer. Being a phenomenal human being, he was dearly loved by his family and friends and respected by many for his humility, caring personality, wisdom and knowledge. As the owner and CEO of a successful apple farm, he also lived a healthy life full of adventure, sport and many journeys. Until a few months ago his sickness and death would have been totally unexpected. Although saddened by our loss, we could also gratefully celebrate a full life well lived. Continue reading Celebrating life, Leaving a legacy