People or Results?

At a meeting I heard a COO of a strong Agribusiness saying: “I don’t farm with fruit. I farm with People. They are my most important focus and concern.” The others around the table nodded their heads, recognising the noble truth in the statement. And yet we all deep down sensed that it is a bit reactionary, and part of a far more complex matter. Continue reading People or Results?


Hats off to Women!

Barack Obama is quoted to have said “Empowering women is not just the right thing to do – it is the smart thing to do”.

I was asked to be a speaker at an all-women seminar later this month. It is for business women in leadership positions. Sadly, due to gender inequality, women still find it challenging to be acknowledged and progress in the business world. They are facing so many biases, illogical perceptions and unfair practices. For ages women submitted to these injustices, but the time has come where not only women, but also a lot of men are taking a stand to change this. This kind of discrimination is not only unfair, but also foolishness – crippling contribution, talent, creativity, team work and collaboration we so desperately need to build effective and happy organisations and a better world. Continue reading Hats off to Women!