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Integrating Information with Emotion towards Action!

Connection is Everything!

training and development

Create the future
and live it Now!


Release your limiting Beliefs and Practices
to embrace New Ways
to Growth, Potential and Possibility!

We all get stuck and challenged in life and work. I have been there, you have been there – stuck in everyday survival mode. With a little bit of help most people, teams and companies can get unstuck, address the “pain” and move to a great new level. So, why stay where you are? Chances are great that your life at home and work could be extraordinary – so see the future, see possibility and reach!

You are destined for greatness, don’t settle for mediocrity …

Ways to Grow stretches you and/or your team towards what you can become. We address your everyday challenges and unleash your possibility – both in your personal life and in the people systems you are part of (organisations, families and teams). Our personal and professional lives are meant to be integrated, and therefore both areas are addressed, helping people to be a success at work and at home.

Ways to Grow meets leaders, their teams and organisations in the valleys and struggles of real life, and then help them to start doing life proactively from the inside-out. In other words, we help them to discover who they are and who they want to become, and then live accordingly to grow and transform to greatness.

I take hands with Camino Consulting (www.camino.co.za) which enables me to have a multi-faceted impact with a trusted group of colleagues. I offer help in five areas:


Learning and Development

Imagine: You and your winning team being able to think, decide, act and execute in the most excellent way and get results! Yes, this is where we want to journey with you and your people. In other words, growing you, not only for improved knowledge and skills, but to be rewired to play at their best!

Executive and Team Coaching

There is a gap from where you are now to where you want to be. Coaching helps you and your team to bridge that gap – a gap from a current “here” (reality) to a better “there” (goal). See this as an adventure where you align your journey with your higher or deeper destiny. It is a journey that will not only change your “doing” but also your “being”.

Change Management

Imagine you start using the energy of everyday change like a surfer uses the waves of the sea – using it to give momentum and possibility. The fact is, you either resist it or use the energy to work for you. Or even better: you can initiate, be the “wave” and lead the change!

Leadership Development

You can force your team, you can nag them, manipulate, bribe or threaten them. Or, you can rather choose to guide, develop, motivate, support and empower them. Why not growing into the type of leader that others will be proud to associate with; a leader that others will follow voluntarily and with passion?

Overcoming Medical Challenges

Have you received the shocking news of cardiac surgery? By being emotionally prepared, you could be calmer and give yourself the best possible chance for recovery and wellness.


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