Learning and Development

Professional staff who are exposed to training and development are usually more productive, happier, and healthier, and they tend to stay longer with the same company. Eventually, all of this effects the bottom-line (profit), but also the top-line (meaningfulness and purposefulness) which is needed for sustainability.

We live in a VUCA reality – the world is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous. Therefore, a different set of professional competencies are required, especially when it comes to self-management, analysis, strategic and tactical decision-making, adaptability, emotional intelligence and agility. In short, as the saying goes, “What got us here, will not get us there”. It is also a reality of “adapt or die”.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) with very fast technological development, the internet of things, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and robotics demands organisations to be future-fit. Radical changes are taking place in both global and local markets in the industry. The last meetings of the World Economic Forum pointed out that in order to survive and thrive in the current realities, different approaches, excellent thinking and decision-making competencies and interpersonal skills will be needed.

This calls for visionary, empowering, inclusive and participative leadership styles that will navigate in challenging waters, lead to best possible discernment and decisions, but also unlock and unleash potential, creativity and innovation. The needs of employees and clients are very diverse and one approach for all or strong, loyal relationships alone, will not drive success anymore. Readiness, flexibility, new partnerships and openness to new possibilities and different business models as well as the best operational approaches will help us to stay in business.

Strategically appointing the right people in the right positions for the right reasons is of utmost importance (which is something my colleagues at Camino are very involved in). However, this needs to be complemented with context-relevant training and development processes practically equipping employees to think, decide, act and execute in the most effective way. In other words, training not only for improved knowledge and skills, but for behavioural change and results.

With a team of colleagues, I offer to develop the people in companies and organisations. The desired outcomes we aim for, are the following:

  • Pro-activity, by taking full responsibility for yourself and your success, understanding your personality and unique design, as well as growth in Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence.
  • Improved Self-leadership, time- and stress-management, interpersonal skills, pro-activity and general self-discipline.
  • Improved problem-solving and decision-making skills as individuals as well as in teams.
  • Better communication in all directions (upward, downward, sideways in organisation), and also negotiating skills with internal and external clients.
  • Better management skills, P-O-L-C (Planning, Organising, Leading and Controlling).
  • Improved Team leadership and team development, as well as skills in influence and motivation, coaching and staff development for skills and knowledge transferal.
  • Effective professionals that will be able to address and manage conflict in an open and healthy way, make excellent decisions in a participative and consultative manner, exert high level of commitment to the decisions, hold each other accountable, and intentionally strive to achieve the best possible results.

The training and development processes we employ are not focused on mere transferal of learning content, but will build on past experience and knowledge and focus on everyday relevant challenges. During workshops we use the principles of Adult Training. Therefore, training strives to be active, interactive, experiential, exploratory, practical and fun. Peer group pressure will be used in a positive way so that peers will learn from each other but also help and challenge each other.

Do you need help in your organisation with training and development, get in touch with me.

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