Simplicity beyond Complexity

I believe one of the most important survival skills right now is the ability to do complexity management. But let me start with a story.

In the beginning of the year our pool turned green… then greener… and eventually it was super-ugly-green. We did everything we normally did: tested it, gave it chlorine and lots of other chemicals, took water samples to the “experts” at the pool shop. Added more chemicals and ended up spending thousands of rands. All the old solutions did not work. Apparently we had a new kind of problem. A complex one. We even, after “expert advice”, emptied the pool to 60% of its volume, refilled it… still green. Then we got a pool fundi out. He assessed the water-system, decided on a simple action plan, and within a few hours it started to clear. Within a day the pool was beautiful. The lessons? Continue reading Simplicity beyond Complexity