Adapting to Change

As the saying goes: There is only one thing that never changes, and that is that everything changes. So, as you probably noticed, not only has my blog-name changed from Grace2Grow to Ways2Grow, but I am also writing in English.

But that is not the full story. In the last few weeks I have intensively been confronted with the fact that the whole world is changing faster than ever before – referring to technology, the way people communicate and relate, the so called Fourth Industrial Revolution, the way we do business, etc. Part of me kicked against adapting my blog and using a different language medium. But I had to ask myself why am I doing a blog (purpose) and what will be the best way to do it (method and medium). My purpose still is to help people and organisations to grow by unlocking potential. But the environment has changed, and so have the needs and realities of the people I want to serve. Therefore: the same purpose, but different ways and, hopefully, a bigger target group.

Let me ask you: how are you doing with all the changes in your world – the appealing ones as well as the ones that are taking you out of your comfort zone? Are you also at times, like me and many others, struggling, resisting or ignoring them? What’s for sure, is this: change is inevitable and we were designed for change. Everyday your body changes in many ways – losing and (hopefully) growing hair, cells dying and growing. And so does your age, the year seasons, the weather, sea tides.

So, how should we deal with change? Certainly not by running after every fashion and trend, trying to fit in with the popular group. That will drive us crazy. But resisting or ignoring change will be foolish. And going into victim-mode will not help either.

So, here are five steps I would like to suggest (and you might want to improve on this to make it more relevant for your life):

  • Acknowledge the reality of change around you.
  • Make peace with the uncontrollable (weather, global trends) and realise what you can control (your reactions, choices and behaviour).
  • Discover your options and choices in the specific situation.
  • Decide what the best way forward will be: design a road-map or action plan.
  • Get help if needed.
  • And then execute and implement, while being willing to adapt as you journey.

This is more or less what I did and I am still doing with the blog changes. As soon as I decided to face a reality and find a way to deal with it, a lot of the stress and anxiety diminished.

But there might be an even better way to manage change. And you will only manage to get this right some of the time. Be the agent of change instead of only reacting and being caught by surprise. Foresee what might be coming, be proactive.

In our country a lot is changing, some good, some bad. Change always brings opportunities. Be informed and wise, discern, pray, see what can be. Then be, live and act according to the change you want to see. Be the light in the darkness, holding on to the One that never changes but brings change!


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