Simplicity beyond Complexity

I believe one of the most important survival skills right now is the ability to do complexity management. But let me start with a story.

In the beginning of the year our pool turned green… then greener… and eventually it was super-ugly-green. We did everything we normally did: tested it, gave it chlorine and lots of other chemicals, took water samples to the “experts” at the pool shop. Added more chemicals and ended up spending thousands of rands. All the old solutions did not work. Apparently we had a new kind of problem. A complex one. We even, after “expert advice”, emptied the pool to 60% of its volume, refilled it… still green. Then we got a pool fundi out. He assessed the water-system, decided on a simple action plan, and within a few hours it started to clear. Within a day the pool was beautiful. The lessons? Continue reading Simplicity beyond Complexity


Choose life!

What a time to live in! Most of us receiving this email are in lockdown due to the Covid-19 virus. For many it is a fearful and stressful time, especially if you or some of your loved ones have been infected, your business is non-operational or struggling, your income has stopped or dropped, and your future is uncertain. Others try to see this as a time of possibility and opportunity – to serve and help others, to grow and adapt to new ways of communication and work, to reinvent yourself and develop new services or products, to strengthen relationships and build trust. Continue reading Choose life!


Direction through Accountability

Have you ever thought that you are on the right track only to discover later how far off the mark you are? It happens to me all the time – physically on the road but also on the paths of life. I recently had that experience during a coach supervision session – that’s when a professional coach receives a “check-in” and “check-up” from a supervisory coach. The purpose is to see yourself in the mirror, to lift your own level of self-awareness in order to see where you are with yourself (emotions, mood, energy), your clients and your coaching practices. What a surprise when I realised how I unintentionally and unconsciously overplayed or perhaps misunderstood my role, not serving others the best I most probably could. It was quite a shocker! Continue reading Direction through Accountability