Build to last: legacy lessons from history

Your existence really matters, and the beauty lies in your ability as human being to be intentional about it. We hold the power to determine how much our lives will matter and how long our influence will endure.

Recently, my wife and I had the incredible opportunity to visit London and embark on a captivating cruise around the British Islands. From Guernsey to Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, we immersed ourselves in the rich tapestry of culture and history. The experience was, to say the least, inspiring.

As we explored ancient landmarks like Stonehenge and admired the majestic castles, houses, streets, and church buildings, we were struck by their age. These structures stood as living testaments to the ingenuity of those who lived and worked centuries and even millennia ago. Some of those structures took decades and, in some cases, centuries to build.

While contemplating these things, I was reminded of Jim Collins’ book, Built to Last, which offers valuable lessons on creating enduring legacies. I also realised:

To build something lasting, we must have a clear vision and a deep sense of purpose. It is important to define what truly matters to you and align your actions with those values. Let your vision guide your decisions and inspire others to join you on your journey.

As we reflect on lessons from history, let us embark on a journey of intentional living. Let us reinvent our lives to be lives that matter, leaving behind a legacy that inspires future generations. Each of us has the power to shape our impact on the world, no matter how big or small!

So, please take a moment to ponder: How do you think about the reality and meaning of life, death, and… life after death? How are you building your life? What foundations are you laying? And how will your impact be remembered? Quo Vadis – where are you heading?