Embracing the Gift

As the winter chill enveloped me, I found myself caught in the clutches of a relentless flu. Fever episodes swung me between icy shivers and scorching heat, forcing my work to grind to a halt and robbing me of cherished personal moments, including my daughter’s engagement celebration. In the past, such circumstances often would have consumed me with frustration, plunging me into a state of despondency. But this time, it was different.

Recently, I embarked on a transformative journey alongside a few colleagues, delving into the realm of Positive Intelligence (PQ). This remarkable training empowered us to:

  1. Activate self-command, transitioning from survival mode to a state of thriving. We learned to do PQ-reps –  simple 10-second exercises of mindfulness to stop a negative inner voice in its tracks.  Even a simple breathing exercise or the mindful listening to a bird’s song can reset your brain and awaken our thriving brain.
  2. Recognize our inner saboteurs and diminish the influence of negative thoughts and self-talk, which attempt to confine us within the boundaries of stress and survival.
  3. Activate your inner Sage, illuminating a path to uncover the silver linings (gifts) in any situation, while mobilizing our inner powers to optimise our inner world and flourish. (The five “powers” are quite simple and things we do anyway, but can now choose to do more intentionally: empathise, explore, innovate, navigate, and activate.)

By consciously adopting the “Sage Perspective,” choosing to see the goodness within the situation and appreciating the positive aspects of life, I discovered a profound inner calmness. I could appreciate so many blessings and be truly grateful for it, even when being really sick and feverish. I am still learning and growing.

Metaphorically, we often leave our hand hovering over a burning flame for far too long, neglecting to withdraw it and embrace healing. In other words, most people stay in pain and unhappiness for far too long.

Remember, true happiness is an “inside job” that thrives irrespective of health, wealth, circumstances or fortune. In the midst of the myriad challenges unfolding in our country and around the world, may you recognize the gifts waiting to be received, remain present in each moment, and navigate your journey with unwavering strength. We still have each other, the guiding hand of the divine, and countless other blessings to be cherished.

It’s my wish for each one of us, that we will make the switch, igniting the flames of resilience within us. Let’s not make life harder than it is, but unleash our power, embrace the positive, and emerge stronger than ever before!

Check out the following website about PQ: https://www.positiveintelligence.com/