Celebrate what’s good!

Wherever you go you will often hear versions of: “the world is in one big mess”. And that is exactly where you and I can step in as leaders, as difference makers and distributors of hope.

In the midst of all of the tragedies we see so much greatness. Unexpected generosity, sacrifices being made, and love shared. Creativity and innovation might be at an all time high, finding new solutions for new challenges. Often great changes happen when we are forced to let go of those false securities that will not take us into our new future. To humbly admit our vulnerability can help you to be real and authentic, and to grow like never before.

Many years ago I was taken on a visual journey by Dewitt Jones. The journey (or motivational talk) was titled “Celebrate what’s right with the world”. Dewitt talks through and with pictures. He worked as a photographer for National Geographic and that changed his views on life. He shares many truths like:

  • “If you believe it you will see it – not the other way around”.
  • Think abundance, not scarcity. Think possibility. Every situation has millions of possibilities – if you are willing to see it. That is true of photography, but also of life.
  • See every change as an opportunity curve.
  • Use the power of what’s right to address what’s wrong.
  • Perspective is everything – from a different perspective something apparently dull or dead can become beautifull and alive.

He recently did a Ted Talk on it and you can watch this very inspiring talk on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gD_1Eh6rqf8&t. I challenge you to watch it.

This is a time to be truly human as it was meant to be: to take hands, to think differently, to generate and give hope, to give more than you expect to receive, to care, to love, to help, to have empathy and sympathy, to use your heart with your brain, to serve and to contribute. If you are reading this newsletter you are most probably one of those people who has many options, who can look at situations from different angles, and who has lots to offer – your talents, time and treasures. Many others need your input, your genius, your unique contribution that might impact many others.

May you be one of the people that will help the world to reinvent itself: to be and live and love more excellently! That’s so much better than just trying to reclaim what we lost.

Let’s be part of a solution revolution and be hope creaters wherever we go! And let’s live knowing our identity and purpose, and what life is all about.