What you FOCUS on GROWS

I don’t know what your challenges and possibilities are right now, but I do know you can change your life radically by changing your focus. I have seen this happening over and over – in business, in personal lives, and in teams; in coaching as well as in strategic meetings. The reality is: What you FOCUS on GROWS. Focus is concentrated attention, and it can make all the difference. Continue reading What you FOCUS on GROWS


Winning through Collaboration

I remember a few years ago, when in desperation I said to a malfunctioning department: “You are such a small team of only 15 people. How is it possible that you can not manage to take hands and work together happily”. One of the men looked up and said: “So, how many people are in a marriage, and we all know how difficult married life can be.” He got me. He was right! Continue reading Winning through Collaboration


The Marks of a Spiritual Leader

January 01, 1995 | by John Piper

I define spiritual leadership as knowing where God wants people to be and taking the initiative to use God’s methods to get them there in reliance on God’s power. The answer to where God wants people to be is in a spiritual condition and in a lifestyle that display his glory and honor his name. Therefore, the goal of spiritual leadership is that people come to know God and to glorify him in all that they do. Spiritual leadership is aimed not so much at directing people as it is at changing people. If we would be the kind of leaders we ought to be, we must make it our aim to develop persons rather than dictate plans. You can get people to do what you want, but if they don’t change in their heart you have not led them spiritually. You have not taken them to where God wants them to be.
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Manage stress to work for you

Some of the happiest and most successful people face very stressful situations everyday. Yes, life can be very demanding and stuff does happen, but that do not have to rob us from our health and joy.

First, let us understand this: we need stress. Without a certain level of stress life can become rather boring. Stress can bring out the best in you, inspiring you to be the best you in the world and for the world. It mobilises a student to spend an extra hour behind her books, sharpens a lawyer’s mind to be alert and to use the best possible arguments, helps the athlete to put in the extra effort to make the winning difference, and energises a doctor or nurse to handle a crisis. We can call this “eu-stress” or good stress. It is your friend and can help you to perform.
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Maksimaal volgens potensiaal #3 – bestuurders van mense

Hoekom wil party goeie spanne net nie die verwagte resultate lewer nie? Kom ons kyk hier maar na een aspek.

Soms is ons in besigheid soos die ou wat met sy Jeep met Feraris kompeteer as dit by spoed kom. Of ons wil met ’n Ferari die bosse aandurf en word deur die Jeep agtergelaat. Dit werk nie en kan jou moedeloos en frustreerd laat voel. Diep in jou weet jy intuitief dat jou kompeterende sterkpunt elders lê en sluimer. Jy sukkel om die sterkpunte raak te sien en raak soms moedeloos omdat jou span mense of besigheid nie presteer soos jy dit graag wil sien nie.
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