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Live your best Life Mental Fitness Coaching Program

Sadly, most professional people find themselves stuck in a perpetual state of survival mode, often in a rush or stressed and anxious. This often leads to unhappiness, strained relationships, and adverse effects on health, ultimately resulting in failures across various aspects of their lives. But it does not have to be that way. I am excited to invite you to a process that can elevate your life to new levels of happiness and success, achievement and inner fulfillment.

In the dynamic realm of business, where adaptability is paramount, Positive Intelligence offers transformative solutions. By integrating Positive Intelligence into your organizational culture, your company can equip its team with the mental resilience and agility required to thrive amidst challenges. Through tailored exercises and personalized coaching, your team members can overcome self-limiting beliefs, stay focused, and drive productivity, fostering a culture of positivity and resilience.

Our 7-week, time-effective Mental Fitness coaching program, that I facilitate in collaboration with Positive Intelligence, is tailored for the fast-paced business world where time is scarce, challenges are high, and emotions can run intense, sometimes complicating relationships. This process is offered in partnership with Positive Intelligence, where I am registered as a Mental Fitness Coach. Utilising an e-platform and app, the program ensures sustainable change and growth over 7 weeks, catering to groups of 5-7 participants in a time-effective manner through:

  • One-hour video sessions to watch over the weekend,
  • 15-minute daily exercises,
  • A great e-book for in-depth understanding to be read at your own pace, and
  • 1-hour group coaching sessions weekly via Zoom.

The programme amalgamates the best practices from Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for accelerated growth and sustainable impact. Teams and organizations transitioning from a Survival mindset to Positive Flourishing thinking and living (from Saboteurs to Sage) will witness tangible improvements in functioning, relationships, and results, thus benefiting the business greatly.

See this document (pdf | 324 Kb) with more information, and additional details can be found on our website (https://www.positiveintelligence.com).

Teammates and colleagues are encouraged to join in this endeavor. By doing so, you increase the impact, become each others’ accountability partners and helpers, and start changing the culture around you in a positive manner.

Lastly, to clarify, this program serves as an additional yet crucial tool in my role, complementing the ongoing work as Executive Coach and Organisational Development Specialist at Camino Consulting (www.camino.co.za).

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