‘Tasting’ life, unlocking abundance

A cycling friend and quite a successful professional, is similar to me, recovering from a recent operation. In our discussions we realised that to be in pain and discomfort is one thing, but staying positive, getting perspective, and dealing with the situation mentally is something on a next level. It seems to me that every bit of human hardship and suffering has a strong emotional and deep spiritual component to it, whatever your religious beliefs are. Continue reading ‘Tasting’ life, unlocking abundance


Surrender Certainty to gain Possibility

What do you do with the many things of life that are out of your control? My recent quadruple heart bypass operation made me a student of life again. It affected and still affects everything in my life. And in the process I realised I am missing out on so much. Life, business, family, have so much more to offer. There is so much untapped possibility waiting to be unlocked if I am only willing to see it and move with it. But the reality is, while I want control and certainty, the possibility of what can be evades me. Continue reading Surrender Certainty to gain Possibility


Growing a New Mind & Life

“From Breakdown to Breakthrough; From Setback to Comeback”. In the beginning of the year I wrote these words on a (physical) notepad that is permanently on my desk. Little did I know what setback will come my way so early in the year.

Last week I received the news that I urgently need open heart surgery for a triple or quadruple bypass. The procedure will mow be done this coming week. Continue reading Growing a New Mind & Life